San Zi Yang Qin Tang 100 gms

By: Min Tong

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San Zi Yang Qin Tang 100 gms

(3 Seeds Nourishing Parents Decoction)


Perilla Semen (Zi Su Zi) 33.34%
Raphanus Semen (Lai Fu Zi) 33.33%
Semen Sinapis (Bai Jie Zi) 33.33%

Action and Indication: This formula channels Qi downward; resolves Phlegm; helps alleviate food Stagnation. It is used to help an elderly person who has Phlegm Stagnation and Coldness in the Lungs. Related symptoms are: chronic coughing; wheezing; profuse sputum; hiccup; lack of appetite; indigestion; distention in the chest. Tongue usually has a white and greasy coating. Pulse is usually slippery.

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