Flower of Ocean Celtic Sea Salt 1/2 lb

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Flower of the Ocean Celtic Sea Salt 1/2 lb

Should not boil at a very high temperature. Heating, Baking, simmering is O.K.

Ingredients: Minerals from the ocean. Summer harvest, Sun dried, Moist, Medium crystals. Hand-Harvested, Unprocessed, Containing more than 80 natural balanced minerals.

All salts come from the sea, but there is a difference. Europeans have long recognized Celtic Sea Salt for it's many health benefits. Unlike table salt or refined sea salts, Celtic sea salt is harvested by hand, with no chemicals added and no nutrients removed. Celtic Sea Salt is friendly to your body-lowest in sodium and the richest in precious minerals.

PARTIAL ANALYSIS: Chloride 54%, Sodium 31%, Magnesium .25%, Sulfur .40%, Potassium .15%, Calcium .11%, Silicon .037%, Iron .01%

In the most pristine, wild area of the French Countryside, the paludiers of Brittany farm salt while saving valuable resources and preserving vital marshlands. These culinary salts have their seal of identity, like vintage wines. Their purity, cleanliness and method of salt farming without the use of pesticides or herbicides are authenticated by a group of professional inspectors led by "Nature et Progres", Europe's most diligent and prestigious consumer protection organization.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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