Astra 18 Diet Fuel 90 tabs

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Astra 18 Diet Fuel 90 tabs

Chinese Therapeutic Actions: Clear Dampness and Phlegm, Disperse Qi, Tonify Spleen Qi

Ingredients: Astragalus (Huang Qi), Alisma (Zi Xie), Gardenia (Zhi Zi), Stephania (Fang Ji), Citrus (Chen Pi), Tang-kuei (Dang Gui), Sargassum (Hai Zao), Laminaria (Kun Bu), White Atractylodes (Bai Zhu), Scute (Huang Qin), Siler (Fang Feng), Magnolia (Hou Po), Ginger (Gan Jiang), Pinellia (Ban Xia), Red Peony (Chi Shao), Platycodon (Jie Geng), Licorice (Gan Cao)

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