An Zhong San 100 gms

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TCMZone An Zhong San 100 grams
An Zhong San, also known as (Anchu-san ryo) and Calm the Middle Formula, warms and strengthens the Spleen, regulates the Qi and invigorates the Blood.

What An Zhong San is Best For
An Zhong San is recommended for people with Spleen and Stomach deficiency cold with Qi and Blood stagnation.

An Zhong San may be used for the following:

Acid reflux
Occasional fatigue
Cramping and pain in the epigastric region
TCM Functions
Warms and strengthens the Spleen
Regulates the Qi
Invigorates the Blood
How An Zhong San Works
An Zhong San by TCMZone is a traditional Chinese formula used to calm the middle.

An Zhong San Serving Size
As directed.

An Zhong San Ingredients
Cinnamon Bark (Gui zhi) 3.75g
Oyster Shell (Mu li) 3.75g
Amomum Seed (Sha ren) 3.75g
Licorice (Gan cao) 7.50g
Galanga (Gao liang jiang) 3.75 g
Corydalis Tuber (Yan hu suo) 3.75g
Fennel (Xiao hui xiang) 3.75g

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