Vitamin partners was founded in 2009 by chiropractor Dr. Jason DePietropaolo. Dr. Jason, as he is called by his patients, has extensive training in nutrition and wellness. In his private practice, Dr. Jason recommends nutritional supplements to his patients but noticed there wasn't a reliable place for these patients to acquire the high quality supplements that he knew they needed. 

Many patients were buying lower quality nutritional products and then not getting the desired results. This is what led Dr. Jason to start Vitamin Partners.

Here at Vitamin Partners you, may notice many brands you are not familiar with. These brands are part of the largest growing segment of the nutritional industry. These brands are HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONER BRANDS. They are manufactured under the strictest guidelines with the highest quality raw materials found. You will not find these brands in your local pharmacy or healthfood mega store. These brands are sold strictly thru healthcare practioners.

Vitamin Partners always guarantees the authenticity of each supplement sold. We buy direct from the manufacturer and all our supplements are guaranteed to be in date and as fresh as possible.

What separates us from other companies is that we have a team of doctors and pharmacists available to answer any questions you may have. You can email us 24 hours a day at sales@vitaminpartners.com with any questions. We'll normally have a response back to you within hours, not days.

Please, don't forget to always consult with your family physician before starting or discontinuing any nutritional supplement or medication. 


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