Cheat Days: Good or Bad?

You want to commit to a healthier lifestyle, and decide that cutting "bad" food is a great start. A month as gone by and you've lost 8lbs! You're proud and decide to reward yourself. You go out to dinner with your friends and get a healthy meal. Your friends all want to get dessert. You don't want to because you've been so healthy lately, but your friends say "One cheat meal won't hurt". So, you cave in and enjoy that chocolate cake more than you ever had before.

Suddenly, you feel like "cheat days" should be incorporated into your meal plan, because once a month or once every two weeks won't hurt. However, this is the start to a slippery slope that will only hurt you in the end. When you decide that certain foods are good and certain foods are bad, you start to obsess and crave over the bad food. You start looking forward to your cheat days and if you're not careful, you might slip up and have two cheat days per week or more! 

Another problem with cheat days is that the next day you'll feel super sluggish because of the sugar intake you had the previous day. Your body will crave sugar, and go into a slump if you don't provide it. 

Instead of cheat days, I suggest eating what you want when you want it. Just make sure you eat everything in moderation! If you want a piece of cake, have a small slice. Don't cut it from your diet entirely, or your body will crave it the next time you get the chance to eat it. Moderation is key! 

And remember... savor every bite of food. Eat slow, make it last.

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