Five Signs Stress Is Getting the Best of You

It's normal for each individual to go through a significant amount of stress when things change in their lives. When seasons change, it's no surprise that our bodies feel more stressed than usual. Here are five ways you can identify stress before it starts to take over your life.

1. Constant Headaches

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If you've never been prone to headaches and keep getting them, there's a very strong possibility that it's stress related. Stress releases chemicals that are able to change your nerves and blood vessels in the brain, thus resulting in headaches! What's worse, if you're prone to migraines and you're dealing with a lot of stress, it can make them that much worse. Stress also causes certain muscles to tense up, leading to headaches as well.

You're in luck! We sell medicine that can help fight migraines and headaches, as well as a roll-on stick for those times you forget your pills at home! There are also sinus masks you can purchase that will help your headaches (if you're against taking medicine, this is a great alternative). 

2. Hives.

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Yes, you read that right. Stress can cause hives (for a short or long period of time depending on how stressed you may get). How exactly does this happen? Stress causes your immune system to go out of wack, which causes your body to release a chemical called Histamine to fight off your alignment. When your body is this affected by stress, the simplest things can start to bother you. Soap, lotion, cold and hot weather, and laundry detergent may become your worst enemy.  

You're able to treat hives with a cold compressed towel, or with this amazing kit made to cure hives quickly and effectively.  

3. Your Weight Fluctuates

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Is your weight fluctuating like a roller coaster? "Stress triggers the release of the hormone cortisol, which impairs your body's ability to process blood sugar and changes the way you metabolize fat, protein, and carbs, which can lead to weight gain or loss," Shanna Levine MD explained. Stress also leads to overeating as well as undereating! Who knew stress had such a hold on our bodies?

A good way to break this cycle is to keep a notebook with you at all times. Write down when you have a food craving, or when you skip a meal. If you notice a pattern developing and take action, chances are you'll stop stress in its tracks. 

4. Acne City

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Call them what you want: acne, pimples, blackheads, breakouts. Why is this happening to you again? Isn't acne a "phase we go through as teenagers"? To some, yes. When you've had acne free skin for a few years and a few bumps start to show up, there is a strong possibility that stress is behind it. When we're stressed our body overloads itself with hormones, such as Cortisol, which gives your skin glands a sign that says "produce more oil". This extra oil gets trapped in hair follicles, along with dirt and dead skin cells, which leads to.... You guessed it: acne. 

Here at Vitamin Partners, we have a spot treatment meant for acne. Not only does it clear your skin, it prevents breakouts from happening in the future! 

5. Your Hair Starts to Fall Out

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Because old hair follicles replace and replenish new hair follicles daily, it's normal for a few strands of hair to fall out a couple times per month. However, when stress comes into play, you'll find hair falling out everywhere: when you shower, brush your hair, or even play with it throughout the day. Stress is able to alter the growing patterns of your hair, and pushes a large amount of hair into something known as a "resting phase". A few months later, when new hair follicles start to come through, the hair that was in "resting phase" doesn't grow longer, it simply falls out. When no actions are taken to prevent this, hair loss will come into place. 

Who knew stress had such a hold on our lives? Make sure you share this article with your friends and family; give them a heads up to look out for these five signs!

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