Five Morning Exercises to Keep You Energized All Day

Are you sick of feeling sluggish and tired throughout the day? Instead of grabbing that third cup of coffee, try starting your morning with these five simple exercises that can be done in fifteen minutes.

Jumping Jacks

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Jumping jacks are great for cardiovascular health, as well as toning muscles (such as calves and deltoids). They are very easy to do, and doing 40 in a row will feel like a piece of cake. For information on how to properly do these, watch the video below. 

Abductor Side Lifts

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Abductor side lifts are great to do and are great to help stabilize your core. They also prevent your calves from tilting! We use these muscles everyday, so we want to make sure they stay intact. Watch the image below to get a better look at how to do these exercises. 


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When you're doing squats, you're exercising your hips, butt, legs, and knees. Squats help with knee stability and are great for working your hamstrings, calfs, and quadriceps. Check out the video below to learn how to improve your squats. 


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Push-ups are great for your entire body. You may only feel the burn in your shoulder and arms while doing them, but each muscle from your toes to your neck is working hard. It's a great exercise to do that helps strengthen your arms, triceps, and shoulders. Check out the video below to learn how to do a proper push-up.

Bicycle Crunches

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Doing bicycle crunches will work the most muscles and help you obtain abs faster. This is an exercise that involves your arms, shoulders, core, and legs. To learn how to properly perform a bicycle crunch, check out the video below. 

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