Five Shocking Foods You Thought Were Healthy, But Aren't

What is the first food that comes to mind when someone says "What's your favorite food"? For me, it's steak. In my opinion, there is nothing like medium cooked steak served with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. Here's the question, though. Is your favorite food good for you?

When we're young, our parents say "If you don't finish your food, you don't get dessert" or "Eat your vegetables, they're good for you!". When you're a child and you hear that your dessert will be taken away from you, you eat all of your food. What if what they were feeding us wasn't good for us? There are so many foods out there that look healthy (and are even portrayed as healthy) that are terrible for you. 

Below are five foods you should stay away from, in order to obtain optimum health.

1.) Microwaveable Popcorn

Mmmm... popcorn. An all time favorite while watching movies at the theater, or at your home with the family. What makes popcorn... pop?

All jokes aside, this food is terrible for your body. Did you know that each bag of popcorn contains chemicals called PFOAs which are linked to causing cancer? This treat also has artificial butter which contains diacetyl, a chemical that causes lung disease. (No, you're not going to get lung disease from one or two bags of popcorn.)

What's a healthy alternative to microwaveable popcorn? Popping it in a skillet! You can purchase natural organic popcorn kernels in food stores, and pop them in a skillet with coconut oil. Not only is it healthier, but I think it tastes better too. (If using coconut oil makes you cringe, you can always buy organic butter from grass-fed cows.) Give it a shot! 

2.) Vegetable Oils

Do you use vegetable oils when cooking? Canola oil is a popular oil used by many people. However, these oils are so bad for you! These oils are genetically modified, and excessive amounts may lead to:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Liver Problems
  • Obesity
  • Vision Reduction

Are these oils worth all the trouble they cause? I don't think so. Instead of purchasing these, try purchasing organic Coconut or Avocado Oil! They aren't pasteurized, and the health benefits with using these are tremendous. (You can check out the article I wrote about Coconut and Avocado Oil here.)

3.) Conventional Meat

Okay, lets get down to business here. Meat is not that good for you, even if it says "Grass-Fed" or "Grain-Fed". Non-organic, genetically modified meat is everywhere. It's inside of packages that are labeled "Grass-Fed", it's in the food you order at restaurants.

How do you stay away from pesticide-ridden meat? Find a local meat dealer (like a farmer), and get to know them. Watch what their animals consume, and go from there. It's a process, I know. However, it's one to consider taking especially if it means you won't have fat stored in your cells!  

4.) Table Salt

Ahhh, table salt. The sweet, sweet taste of hypertension! Has that stopped bars and restaurants from having it on each and every table? Absolutely not!

When you buy table salt, you're buying sea salt that has been stripped of its minerals and replaced with aluminium. I bet you didn't think that was in salt!

Table salt is actually purple -- it's bleached white. How gross is that? Please, please throw out your table salt and purchase Himalayan or Sea Salt. You'll be glad you did, I promise! 

5.) Fruit Juices 

Quick fact about fruit juice: It's pasteurized and stripped of it's nutritional benefits. Not only is fruit juice loaded with tons of sugar, it's not "100% pure", and it is from concentrate.

After the juice is squeezed from the actual fruit, it sits in an oxygen-depleting holding tank for (are you ready to hear this?) a year. Yes, you read that right. A whole year. After this, they're flavored with fruit packets to bring back the flavor that was lost over that long, long period of time.

What's a healthier alternative to drinking fruit juice? Eating whole fruit, of course! Just not too much at once, or you'll get too much fiber in your diet. All food should be eaten with moderation. Alternatively, if you still like the idea of drinking your fruit, you can always try juicing!

What are some other foods you should stay away from? Let us know in the comments below! 

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