How To Start Running: Top 5 Tips For Beginners

So you've decided to begin running for exercise, and you're wondering how to prepare. Well, first of all, congratulations, because running is a great exercise for your heart and an excellent way to burn calories. The best part is, just about anybody can do it. It doesn't take special skills to run, you just need to be prepared. Follow these five tips below to avoid feeling overwhelmed and to hit the ground running.

1) Take time To Warm Up - Be sure to take the time to warm up before you start your run. Warming up your muscles will ensure you have a good run, so before you run, begin with a brisk 10 minute (or longer if you need) walk.

2) Don't Be Afraid To Walk - Even if you're already in shape, it can take time to build up endurance to run longer distances. Don't feel like you're failing if you need to alternate running and walking. A great way to build up your endurance is to alternate running (or jogging) and walking so that your body can get used to running. Your fitness level will determine how many minutes running and how many minutes walking you will need to alternate with.

3) Remember To Breathe - Just as with most other exercises, you should exercise at pace where you're still comfortable enough to have a conversation. If you're having a hard time breathing, slow it down or take a break and walk for a minute or two.

4) The Right Equipment - The great part about running is that there isn't any fancy equipment required. All you'll need is a good pair of running shoes. You'll want to buy running shoes so that your feet can stay comfortable. The right pair of shoes can also help in preventing an injury. A store that specializes in running shoes will be able to help you decide what shoe type is best for you, depending on your running style.

5) Stay Hydrated - Remember to drink water while you're running, especially when it's hot out. Try to remember to take a drink of water every 15 to 20 minutes, or during your walk breaks


These five tips will give you a good head start with running. And, if you're finding that you need a little extra motivation, try using an app on your phone, such as Couch to 5K to track your progress on your running journey.



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