4 Best Supplements for Men’s Health

Eating healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle are without a doubt the best ways to ensure your 

overall health is at an optimal level. In some cases, however, eating well and exercising are simply not
enough to help your body stay at its peak. Nutritional supplements can bridge the gap between what
you should be receiving in term of nutrients each day and what you are actually consuming. For men, it
is important to know which nutritional supplements are most appropriate to keep your body in top
shape and your health at an ideal level. Here are the best supplements men can take each day.



While no single supplement can give the body all the nutrients it needs or craves, a multivitamin is a
great start to shoring up any vitamin deficiencies that may plaguing your health. Not eating nutrient
packed foods or letting environmental stressors build up can each lead to deficiencies within the body.
Being deficient in certain vitamins can cause chronic fatigue, poor digestion or may lead to higher
probabilities of specific diseases. To combat the negative side effects of vitamin deficiencies, a
multivitamin taken once a day is an easy fix.

Dosage: All multivitamins different in terms of what vitamins and minerals they contain and the amount
of each. In order to get the right multivitamin for your body, spend some time looking at the label and
ensure it has a high percentage of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of all listed vitamins in
each dose.


Fish Oil

In addition to a multivitamin, fish oil supplements are a must-have for men. Fish oil contains a high
amount of omega-3 fatty acids, known to improve brain function and memory when taking consistently.
Omega-3 fatty acids also help in boosting heart health and work within the  body as an anti-

Dosage: For men, the recommended dosage of fish oil is one to two grams each day. When selecting a
supplement, it is important to note that less expensive options will leave a fishy taste in your mouth
long after the pill is ingested. To keep the bad breath at bay, find a fish oil supplement that is high
quality and contains at least 500 mg of EPA and DHA.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a powerful nutrient in preventing serious disease including diabetes, multiple sclerosis,
some cancers and metabolic syndrome. While the majority of Vitamin D comes from ingesting milk,
salmon and eggs, the nutrient may also be obtained from direct sunlight. In most cases, men are
deficient in Vitamin D because not enough time is spent outdoors or food intake is less than ideal.

Dosage: Most experts recommend a Vitamin D supplement between 600 and 1,000 international units
(IU) each day. Most Vitamin D supplements are in capsule form, but liquid varieties exist as well.

Vitamin E

As a fat soluble nutrient, Vitamin E is an important component in overall men’s health. The nutrient is
packed with antioxidant power, and has been shown to help in the prevention of heart disease,
cataracts, and protecting against certain cancers. Vitamin E is found in some foods including soy milk,
peanut butter, cook spinach and wheat germ, but most find they have a slight deficiency that requires a

Dosage: The recommended Vitamin E dosage for men is between 15-20 mg per day. This nutrient is
often found as part of a men’s multivitamin, but is also available in single dose capsules.

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