Best Supplements for Thyroid Health

Best Supplements for Thyroid Health
Keeping your thyroid healthy is an extremely important part of your body’s overall health. The thyroid, one of the largest endocrine glands in your body, plays a role in using energy, making proteins and controlling the body’s sensitivity to other hormones. High thyroid levels can help your body burn more energy, have higher heart rates and lose weight, while low levels can make you feel fatigued or tired and gain weight. Supplements can help in thyroid health as well as staying mindful of your diet.
Iodine is an important supplement in thyroid health. Your body, as a whole, needs iodine and your thyroid uses it to make hormones. Taking an iodine supplement can be helpful in preventing iodine deficiencies. Low levels of iodine can lead to thyroid cancer, autoimmune disease and even infertility. Taking an iodine supplement can improve thyroid health as well as hyperthyroidism. Consult with your doctor before beginning this regimen, as taking iodine supplements is not recommended with particular medications for an overactive thyroid. Taking iodine with medications can decrease thyroid function too much. Some studies have also shown that too much iodine can cause mild thyroid symptoms, so it is important to take the suggested amount.
Selenium, a mineral that is naturally found in the soil and some foods, can be added to foods or even taken as a dietary supplement. It can be taken for assisting an underactive thyroid. Although it is still being researched, it has shown to improve inflammatory activity in autoimmune thyroiditis, increase actions of antioxidants, increase antibodies that contribute to autoimmune thyroiditis and can even improve the mood and feeling of people with thyroiditis. While it can be taken as a supplement, it can also be found in foods like crab, liver, fish and poultry. Selenium deficiency can commonly be found in people who suffer from digestive health issues.
Diet awareness is always the number one solution for naturally consuming supplements, as many foods already contain the chemicals our body needs to function properly. Vitamin D, which has also shown to assist in thyroid health, can be found in milk and enriched whole grains. Other selenium enriched foods include beef liver, beef kidneys, eggs, shellfish, Brazilian nuts and mushrooms. Avoiding foods such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage can be helpful in thyroid health, as they affect your thyroid negatively. Foods mad of soy can also negatively affect your medication involving your thyroid function.

There are many natural ways to help boost your thyroid function, but many of them may vary from patient to patient. Talking to your doctor about how supplements will affect you, as well as a change in your diet, is important before beginning any vitamin regimen.
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