Benefits and Uses of Garcinia

Benefits and Uses of Garcinia
Garcinia, a tropic fruit native to Asia, is becoming popular for many different reasons. Some people may know it as the relative to the fruit mangosteen. As people often search for ways to remain resourceful, there are new uses being discovered everyday for this exotic fruit. Garcinia is a small fruit shaped like a pumpkin that has a sour, tangy taste and has been used in many Asian dishes for years, although has recently been popularized by television and celebrities such as Dr. Oz.

As the fruit is commonly used in Asian cuisine, it can be used in curries or gravies, giving it a nice kick and tangy flavor, as it is related to mangosteen which is used in many spices. There are also a number of recipes that Garcinia has been used in that can be found online. The fruit is known to activate digestion, so it can be taken along side dinner, as a supplement during diet or exercise and in the dinner itself. As it has been said to activate digestion, it is a great assistant for people with stomach problems.

The fruit has a chemical compound found in it called Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), which has been linked to weight loss. The extract is included in the Garcinia Cambogia supplement and is regularly taken with meals to assist in appetite reduction, or giving your body the feeling of fullness. HCA has been said to block the enzyme that produces the fat made from carbohydrates, according to Dr. Oz. Not only can it be eaten alone but taking the supplement with a regular meal can induce weight loss. Although the small number of experiments has proven successful in assisting weight loss, the side effects have yet been proven, so it is vital to read the information label and be wary of additives or ‘extra’ ingredients in your supplements

The medicinal purposes of Garcinia have also been abundant. Not only has it been used to assist in obesity, but there have been studies that show increases in red blood cell count, increased levels of serotonin and exercise endurance, giving people who are untrained to exercise for longer periods of time. There is also a long list of extracts that can be formed from the fruit itself as well as the rinds of Garcinia, that are not only used in foods but medicines as well.

The uses for the fruit are still growing everyday and being held in studies regarding weight loss and medicinal use. Although the fruit has only been popularized today because of its short studies involving weight loss, it is important to remember many other ways that Garcinia can be enjoyed. Of course, since the fruit is multifunctional, you can enjoy its benefits in more than one way if it is used correctly!
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