Taking Care of Your Immune System During the Winter Months

Sometimes we need more than just drinking lots of chicken soup to help us fend off nasty germs from the cold and flu season.

So how do you make sure your immune system is ready to handle the challenges winter brings?

Sure, you can get a flu shot, but there are more natural products you can incorporate into your daily diet to help avoid illness. Not only will the boost your immune system during the winter months, but it’ll help you all year around.


Garlic is considered a super food because it is an antiviral. It also has Allicin, which is a natural antibiotic.  It is also a decongestant which means it helps with coughing and also helps to prevent bronchitis.

If you can’t tolerate the smell or taste, taking garlic pills is a great alternative. Even more so if you hate the bad breath you get from eating fresh garlic.


Found in many Asian dishes, ginger is a wonderful spice that not only adds flavor, but it keeps us healthy as an anti-inflammatory. Shogoals is what gives ginger its anti-inflammatory properties.

Think about when you used to drink ginger ale when you got a stomachache. Ginger is not only a great solution for upset stomachs, but it helps to relieve nausea and unwanted gas. Know the medicine Dramamine? Ginger is found to be just as effective in curing symptoms associated with motion sickness. There are studies still being done to see if it can help with dizziness.

If you have arthritis and it flares up during the winter months, you can add ginger to your dishes.  It might help to reduce some of your discomfort.


Turmeric is another wonderful spice from Asia that is not only used in cooking, but in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Turmeric has “circumin” which gives curry dishes their color and flavor.

Turmeric is an analgesic, anti-imammatory and disinfectant. Like ginger, it can help arthritis sufferers relieve some of their symptoms. As a disinfectant, it can help heal wounds quickly and treat burns.

This ingredient is also a natural detoxifier. It helps to improve digestion and helps your liver, which is essential to detoxing your body. During colder months, turmeric has been proven to help improve lung bronchitis and lung infections.

Don’t consume too much turmeric as it can upset your stomach. Use it in moderation.


Best Practices

Consider eating lots of fruits, fish, greens and legumes as part of a healthy diet. Foods containing Omega 3 acids and phytochemicals are great for your immune system. Aside from a proper and nutritious diet, make sure to boost your immune system by getting adequate rest. Sleep helps our bodies recuperate from the day’s activities. And let’s not forget hygiene. Make sure you wash your hands often, such as before and after meals. Keep your hands away from your face as you don’t want to accidentally transfer any germs that can potentially make you sick.

Taking care of your body during the winter months shouldn’t be neglected. You need to make it your priority if you want to stay healthy during the colder months.
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